Recognized as one of the Top 20 Building Companies in Miami, GC³ Development is a family operated business that traces back its roots a couple of generations to founder Pedro Garcia-Carrillo and son Michael Garcia-Carrillo. Together they have created a portfolio of over a thousand homes including some of South Florida’s most distinguished projects in the last three decades. With a philosophy to, “never compromise on quality or customer service,” the team opts to work closely with their clients to ensure a satisfying home buying experience. If your family is ready for a new home, the GC³ family is ready to build.

GC³ Development has spearheaded and successfully zoned, platted, constructed and sold boutique-sized luxury communities and large home subdivisions throughout South Florida, all leaving an impression like none other. Known for their cutting edge approach on a classic craft, trust that in choosing your exclusive GC³ home, your residence will elevate at every level.